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Become a Reading Dog Team​

Maybe you would like to be a therapy dog team but know that your dog doesn't have the temperament. Or, you have been looking for a way to volunteer during the pandemic but you aren't comfortable volunteering in-person. If you have a dog and really like children this may be a good opportunity for you.

Because volunteers are on Zoom and therefore there is no in-person interaction between a dog and a child, volunteers are not required to be therapy dog teams. This opens up the opportunity for many more dog owners to volunteer and enables A Fair Shake to reach more kids!

It's harder than it looks!

At the same time, because there is no in-person interaction, volunteers must bring their dog to life for the child. Volunteers "speak" for their dog to convey their dog's personality. People who are highly attuned to their dogs and are comfortable using their imagination are most successful.  Volunteers must also balance allowing a child to read uninterrupted with making connections.  As with all Fair Shake programs, individuals must be sensitive to the life circumstances of the children we serve.

Fair Shake offers training and screening for new teams and we are here to make you successful! Once matched with a child, volunteers commit to a weekly 30-minute reading session for an 8-10 week cycle. Sessions are during or after the school day.

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