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Buster Stats:

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 6

Home State: unknown

Guardian:  Janet

Most Recent School:  IS 191

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Buster's Story
Buster was just six months old when I saw him online at the Animal Care Center, the city's shelter located in East Harlem. He had lived in a home but had been given up when the original owner could no longer care for him. When I saw him on the shelter's website I knew right away he was the dog for me. I went early the next morning to meet him. I can't tell you why I knew he was for me but I think sometimes you just know. When I brought him home he was very furry and dirty but with a bath and a haircut he was on his way to a new life.

At School
Buster loves school. He loves the kids and his special treats for school. I bring Cheerios and when he sees me pull out the box he gets super excited. Buster's favorite thing about school is sitting in laps. He is very fair about it and makes sure to sit in everyone's lap. It really has become his signature move.

Free Time

Buster loves running, chewing and playing fetch. His best trick is "Go to Your Room" which means Buster runs to my couch and crawls underneath. It always brings both praise and laughter. Buster can really make people laugh. It's one of the things I love most about him. 

Photo: Eric Ferrar

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