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Current Therapy Dog Teams

Volunteering with your dog is very rewarding, but can be be stressful for dogs.  A Fair Shake is committed to making sure that both human and canine participants enjoy their volunteer experience. Dogs that really like children, and who are able to with the distraction of other dogs present and treats will be happiest.


Kids form bond with you and your dog, and will look forward to seeing both of you each week. For many, adults have not always been a reliable presence in their life, so we ask volunteers to make every effort to commit to regular participation.  Continuity is an important component of A Fair Shake.  

All teams meet with A Fair Shake to assess fit. 

Please note: Transportation to Fair Shake schools and programs is provided or reimbursed.

 Transport for teams is provided either directly by A Fair Shake or through our pet taxi service. Volunteers often share the ride with other volunteer teams which offers a great opportunity to get to know each other and share experiences.  

“I was looking for something very unique, and when I heard about A Fair Shake for Youth I just loved the concept of it. I thought it was so simple yet so profound.”

-  Jessica 



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Photo: The Dogist

"I never felt as connected to kids that were not my own."

 - Addie Walsh, Instructor

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