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Chester Stats:

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Age: 12

Home State: Conneticut

Guardian:  Arthur

Most Recent School: Bronx School of Young Leaders

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Chester's Story
Chester is a Portuguese Water Dog whelped (born) in Connecticut. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Our family went to Connecticut to meet Chester when he was just six weeks old. We had to wait until he was 10 weeks old before we could take him home because when puppies are very young they need to be with their mothers and littermates. Their mom feeds them and teaches them how to behave. When we finally got to bring Chester home we started spoiling him right away - on the way back to the city he got his first, but not last, french fries. 

When Chester was younger he was a great athlete. He competed in dog sports including agility - an obstacle course for dogs - and water competitions in which he retrieved objects. He is happiest when he is active and challenged.

At School

Chester likes to go to school because he gets special one-on-one time with me and loves getting treats from the kids. Kids like his smart and gentle demeanor. The day there is a jump and a tunnel in class Chester is always called on to demonstrate how it's done. I think it reminds Chester of his competition days and even though he is 12 years old, he still has what it takes.

Free Time

Chester likes to take long walks stopping in at local stores for treats.  When home he likes to find a quiet place to nap.

Photo:  Eric Ferrar

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