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Cody Stats:

Breed: Pitbull-type Dog

Age: 8

Home State: New York

Guardian:  Ellen

Most Recent School:  New Directions, Bronx

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Cody's Story

Cody was about five years old when I adopted her from Animal Care Center in East Harlem. My previous Pitbull had passed away, and I wanted another one because so many pits desperately need homes. I told the adoption counselor that I was looking for an older dog, preferably female, who would get along with other dogs and be good off leash in the park. She suggested Coco. When I approached her kennel and even when they took her out to introduce us, she wouldn't look at me. She was too scared.


I adopted her anyway. I just had a good feeling about her. I realized it might take months or even years for her to overcome the trauma of losing her family and build trust again, but I believed in her. Well, I am happy to report that by the time we had crossed the park on our way home she was already a lot more relaxed and alert. I was thrilled for both of us! I renamed her Cody as this was a new beginning for her.


It wasn't long before I saw that she was really social. She can sense how a person is feeling and adjust her behavior.  We became a therapy dog team because I wanted to share her gift with others.

At School

Cody quickly got the hang of going to school.  She had visited a hospital as a therapy dog but I thought she would enjoy the kids and I was right.  By the second or third class she was rolling on her back for belly rubs. Sometimes people are surprised to see a Pitbull in school because they think they are aggressive or dangerous. I like to think of Cody as an ambassador for Pitbulls because she reminds everyone that, like people, all dogs are different and you have to get to know someone to really know who they are.


Free Time

Cody's favorite things in the world are people and treats. So when I take her to the park to run off leash every morning she runs over to anyone who has a dog, and sits in front of them until they pet her and give her a treat! During one walk I counted 15 people who fell for her charm and gave her a treat! 

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