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Jelly Stats:

Breed: Husky/Coonhound

Age: 8

Home: South Carolina

Guardian: Lauren and Brooke

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Jelly's Story

Jelly is a rescue from South Carolina. He was brought to NYC at just 13 weeks old and was fostered in Long Island, where we saw him for the very first time. He was trying to keep up with 2 adult dogs running in a yard and he tripped and tumbled down some stairs because he never used them before. It was so adorable we fell in love right away and took him home (he's excellent at stairs now). Growing up NYC, he quickly got desensitized to many things that often can scare a dog including skateboards, wheelchairs, loud noises, and crowded tight spaces. We thought he would be an amazing therapy dog because he is so social and gentle with strangers of all ages. He always marches right up to people he doesn't know in hopes of a back scratch, and even if he is a little unsure of something he never acts defensive, and with a little encouragement he becomes brave very quickly. 

At School

Jelly gets very excited to go to work at school. He bounces around playfully as we put on his harness because he knows he's going to have a fun time and get lots of treats and scratches. But when he is there, he puts his serious face on and stays very calm with the kids. He likes to lie next to them and be petted. And of course he loves any activity where he is rewarded with treats, but his favorite is agility because he LOVES to jump over obstacles.

Free Time

When Jelly is at home he loves playing with toys, especially loud squeaky ones. He shows off his collection by picking each toy out of his bin and spreading them all over the floor. Unfortunately, he does not put them away when he is done. He also likes playing with other dogs and running in the park.

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