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Keeper Stats:

Breed: Golden Retriever/Dalmatian

Age: 5

Home: Puerto Rico

Guardian:  Jim

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Keeper's Story

Keeper is a Golden Retriever/Dalmatian mix though people are sure he is part Labrador Retriever. He was born in Puerto Rico, and must have been a pet at some point because he knew all his commands in Spanish. After Hurricane Maria hit in 2015 he became homeless. Keeper lived on the street for about a year before he got hit by a car. A kind person took him to the vet where they saved his life but to do so they had to amputate his leg -- he is a tripawd. From there he ending up living in a concrete yard with 100 other dogs surrounded by a chain link fence. But once again someone was kind and helped him out.  A rescue organization brought him to the mainland with the hope that he could find a home. I saw his photo online and went to the shelter to meet him even though I didn't think I was ready for another dog. Well, he came right over to meet me, put his one good paw up on my shoulder, and nestled his head next to mine. I knew then that he was a “keeper.”

At School

Keeper is a therapy dog who likes all different kinds of environments.  He will gladly sit and listen to a child read to him, go help high school students destress before exams by sharing love and getting treats. He also likes going to the senior home too where he visited my 97-year old mom.  

Free Time

Keeper loves the beach, but will not go anywhere near the water. He is super playful with both people and dogs and is always up to wrestle or play tug of war. He loves everyone from children to older people and when we walk into town he picks up belly rubs, scratches and treats from anyone who offers, young or old. It's good that he likes to walk because we do a lot of it to keep him in shape because he has to carry all his weight on just 3 legs. When not busy, Keeper is great company on the porch swing or the couch.

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