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Daisie Stats:

Breed: Fox Hound

Age: 8

Home State: North Carolina

Guardian:  Jaine

Most Recent School:  MS 244 Bronx

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Daisie's Story
Daisie started her life as a hunting dog in North Carolina.  She was found abandoned, starving and pregnant in the woods on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. Once found, she spent several months in a shelter where she whelped her puppies (gave birth) and nursed them.  When the puppies were old enough to be adopted, Daisie was transported by a rescue group to Long Island to find a home.

I had seen a dog on Petfinder (a website that shows dogs from all over the country that need a home) who I was interested in. I went to the foster mom's home to meet him. But, when I was there, out of the corner of my eye I saw Daisie. She had just arrived. She walked over and put her head in my lap. I fell instantly in love. The foster mom suggested that she keep Daisie for the week so she could get to know her and then, if all seemed right, I could come back and get her the next weekend. And that was that.

It took Daisie a while to get used to the crowds and noise of the city because she had only lived in rural North Carolina. She was so uncertain and nervous that she didn't even sit down for the first 3 months. But I was patient and after a while Daisie got the hang of New York. Then I started noticing how much Daisie liked people and how people were drawn to her, and decided I wanted to become a therapy dog team with her.

At School

Daisie likes the attention she gets from kids and the treats. She can get impatient when there is too much sitting and talking and will sometimes howl. That's how we all know it's time to get up and get to work. 

Free Time

Daisie still likes to hunt. In the city it is raccoons.  When she sees one in the park she immediately wants to give chase. Daisie also enjoys stopping in to local stores to visit the shop owners and if they offer, to get a treat.

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