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Flippy Stats:

Breed: Border Collie/Spaniel Mix

Age: 9:

Original Home: Puerto Rico

Guardian:  Robin

Most Recent School: MS 126 Brooklyn

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Flippy's Story
Flippy is what is known as a "sato" which means Puerto Rican street dog. Flippy was found in a box on a beach known for the large number of animals that are abandoned there. Flippy was very small, probably the runt (smallest) of his litter. Maybe the owners thought he wouldn't survive or wouldn't amount to much, so they left him there. No one knows. The Sato Project, rescues and flies these dogs to New York for a second chance.

My husband and I always had an apartment full of animals.  We usually foster (serve as a temporary family) older dogs because most people seem to want a puppy or young dog. But the Sato Project asked if we could take Flippy and we said yes! It wasn't long before we decided to adopt him ourselves.

Flippy is part Border Collie, a breed that traditionally lives on a farm and herds sheep, so it isn't surprising that Flippy likes to be busy. I thought because he liked people and being busy that being a therapy dog team would be a good fit for us. 

At School

Flippy loves going to school because he loves the attention and especially attention from kids.  He also likes learning new things, getting belly rubs and lots of treats. He was shy at first, but after his first school, he really got the hang of it and is a superstar! Flippy also likes going to school because he gets alone time with me and a break from the other animals at home. 

Free Time

Flippy hangs out with his brothers - Max the dog and Ozzie the cat.  

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