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Georgia Stats:

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Age: 8

Home State: Tennessee

Guardian:  Pam

Most Recent School:  New

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Georgia's Story

Georgia was named for the artist Georgia O’Keefe because her tail looks like it was dipped in paint. I took her home from the shelter in Tennessee, where we live part time, when she was just 5-6 weeks old. At the time I had a 10-year-old dog named Buford. I wanted to get a puppy while Buford was still young enough to tolerate puppy energy and mature enough to help me train her. And he did! They turned out to be two very different dogs. Buford was always chill and laid back while Georgia likes to always be on the go.  Despite their differences I think they liked having each other around. 


Sometimes I think Georgia reads my mind!  Georgia loves to bring her sunny disposition to everyone she meets especially kids. I think people find it impossible to look into those big brown eyes and not smile. Her little furry heart is full of love and her favorite thing to do, even more than play ball, is to make kids smile.  

At School

Georgia has not been to school with A Fair Shake yet but is ready!

Free Time

Georgia loves all kinds of things - kids, playing ball, learning new things, showing off her talents. And, in her quieter moments she loves to snuggle, give hugs and hold hands (paws).

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