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Lucy (Goose) Stats:

Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix

Age: 9

Home State: Arkansas

Guardian:  Audrey

Most Recent School:  Official Substitute

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Lucy's Story
Lucy is a rescue from Arkansas.  At just 9 weeks old she and her brother were driven by a rescue van to an animal shelter in upstate New York, about two hours north of New York City. The shelter travels to Arkansas about once a month to bring back dogs who need a home.  All the dogs in Lucy's transport were named after donuts, so before she was Lucy, she was Creme. I adopted her when she was just 11 weeks old. 



I was just starting A Fair Shake for Youth and was looking for a dog that could be a therapy dog. Jane, who runs the shelter, is really a dog expert. She knows a lot about their needs, their different personalities and why they behave the way they do. She said that she thought "Creme" would make a great therapy dog because even as a wee pup it was clear that she loved people, was confident and was resilient (could bounce back from scary or stressful situations).

At School

Lucy scopes out the kids and then targets one for belly rubs, rolling onto her back and looking at the student imploringly (with great hope). I taught Lucy lots of tricks which she will readily show, especially if she is rewarded with treats. She can spin, twirl, high five, sleep, and bow. She will rollover but only for kids. Best of all she can sneeze on command!

Free Time

Lucy is very calm but she also loves to hunt.  She has caught several squirrels in the park. She doesn't mean to hurt them - it's about the chase.  She will prance around with one in her mouth and then let it go free.  She loves to go for walks especially in woody areas where she can smell spring coming up.

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