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Griffin - A Fair Shake for Youth.jpg

Griffin Stats:

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age: 10

Home State: New York

Guardian:  Stacy

Most Recent School:  Domestic Violence Shelter

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Griffin's Story
I had always wanted to have a dog but my sister was allergic. So, it wasn't until I was grown up and on my own that it was a possibility.  When I became a principal in a school where I knew I would be able to take a dog I decided it was time. I wanted a dog that had the temperament (personality) that would mean that he would be okay with lots of kids, noise, and activity and also if students had allergies. Enter Griffin. Because he has hair instead of fur he doesn't shed and that means most people aren't allergic to him. But that also means he needs to get his haircut.

At School

Going to school is like second nature for Griffin. Students are like his extended family. He loves the belly rubs, treats and attention. Except for a few of his very best dog friends, Griffin prefers people. I also like that Griffin helps kids who are sometimes afraid of big dogs to see that big dogs can still be super sweet and gentle.

Free Time

Griffin's favorite activities are fetch and swimming and if you put the two together he is at his happiest.

Recently Griffin was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg.  The only way to help him was to amputate (surgically remove) his leg. I am sure it was scarier for me than for him. One of the things I really like about dogs and most animals is how resilient they are (able to bounce back). They don't feel sorry for themselves, they just find a way to keep going. Look at how Griffin is running and playing fetch (see video below) just one week after surgery. It inspires me!

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