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Jimmy Stats:

Breed: Standard Poodle

Age: 6

Home State: Florida

Guardian:  Robin

Most Recent School:  Bronx Latin

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Jimmy's Story
Jimmy was born in Florida to a woman who breeds Standard Poodles.  She was a good friend of mine and wanted to give me a gift because I was moving back to New York City from Florida.  So believe it or not, the gift was Jimmy a 10-month old poodle puppy. Usually you don't want to surprise someone with a puppy because they are such a big responsibility,  but my friend knew that I almost always had a dog as part of my family and had always had a dog when growing up. I was ecstatic. I was confident I knew what to do and that Jimmy and I would be great together. That was true except for one thing... Jimmy couldn't figure out where to go to the bathroom when we got to NYC! Unlike Florida where there is grass everywhere, all Jimmy could see was concrete. I called the vet, I called trainers but finally after 24 hours he got it.  After that, city life was a breeze for him. 

At School

Jimmy loves going to school and leaps into the van that picks up him and the other dogs with whom he goes to school. I think they share notes about what they have been up to since the previous week. Jimmy knows a lot of tricks, including how to dance. Because he is a Standard Poodle, when he stands on his hind legs he is as tall as the kids, making him a perfect dance partner.

Free Time

Jimmy likes to play with other dogs, run and play fetch. He has had two best friends who lived on our floor, Abby then Jackson. They both have moved away but that doesn't stop Jimmy from looking for them everytime the door opens. Loyalty and hopeful always.

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