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Joey Stats:

Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: 4

Home State: Arkansas

Guardian:  Cathy

Most Recent School: Hour Children

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Joey's Story
Joey is a rescue from Arkansas. We don't know much about his background. He came up north, like so many dogs, on a transport because he would have a better chance of finding a home. I have always had dogs. But over the course of just a year all of my three dogs passed away. It was a tough time but then I was ready to get a dog again. I was hoping to adopt a dog that could be a therapy dog because Kerry, my German Shepherd, had been a therapy dog.  We volunteered in schools with A Fair Shake, at hospitals and with children with special needs. I missed volunteering.

Well, the woman who runs the shelter where he landed is an expert in therapy dogs and thought Joey would be perfect because he loved people, was very adventurous and nothing really seemed to bother him. I took one look at Joey's adorable face and scraggly body and knew he was for me. The shelter where he came from in Arkansas had named him Swifty, and I quickly learned why... despite his short legs he is one of the fastest dogs I have ever met.

At School

Joey is always eager to go to school. Not only does he love the attention but he loves action -- of almost any kind: tricks, the tunnel, the jump. At the same time he is happy to take a break and take in some snuggles.

Free Time

Joey’s favorite thing to do is to run off leash. His second favorite is swimming. I didn’t know that he could swim, but one day we took a trip to the ocean. Joey got out of the car, walked straight to the water and started to swim! He is also a bit of a rascal. If he gets bored, he will come up to me and repeatedly bump my leg with his nose. If that doesn’t work, he will start “talking” to me. That’s how I know that I need to spend some time playing with him. Check out his favorite trick "circus." (video below).

Photo: Daniel Krieger

Photo: Daniel Krieger

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