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Koda Stats:

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Age: 4

Home State: Pennsylvania

Guardian:  Keri

Most Recent School:  MS 244 Bronx

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Koda's Story

Koda is a Bernese Mountain Dog who was born in Pennsylvania. We did a lot of research before getting a dog to make sure we found a reputable breeder.  Sometimes breeders are actually "puppy mills," which like it sounds are basically a factory where they make puppies, only caring about making money and not about the happiness or health of the dogs.  

I knew we had found a good breeder when we had to complete an application and questionnaire that made sure we would have the time and commitment to take care of a big dog. Plus we had to sign an agreement that said, if at any time we couldn't keep her, we would return her so the breeder could ensure the dog landed in another caring and appropriate home.

At School

Koda loves to go to school and gets excited for all the attention and treats. While you might think that her size would make things like running through a small tunnel difficult she plows through without hesitation, which is both funny and inspiring.   

Free Time

Koda loves a good squeaky toy but they can't be made of cloth or she will chew right through them to get to the squeaker! Being a dog that originated in the Alps mountains in Europe she loves the snow. Koda is over 100 pounds and sometimes she doesn't realize how big she is, but it is amazing how careful she is with babies and small children. She sits patiently or simply rolls herself over for some belly rubs.

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