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Luna Stats:

Breed: Labrador/Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Age: 7

Home State: North Carolina

Guardian:  Kim

Most Recent School:  MS 50 Brooklyn

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Luna's Story
Luna was born in North Carolina. It wasn't long, however, before she found herself in an animal shelter without a family. Because she looked like she was part Pitbull-type dog and is black, Luna probably would have had a difficult time getting adopted there. Many people just assume if a dog is a pitbull it is dangerous and aggressive. And black dogs have a difficult time getting adopted simply because they are black. It's not fair, because just like people, you have to look at everyone as an individual before you can decide who they are.

BadAss Brooklyn, a rescue organization, transported Luna up to New York City. They asked me if my family would foster (temporarily provide a home) Luna and we agreed. But as often happens when people foster, we fell in love with her and decided to make her a permanent part of our family.


As it turns out, Luna is neither dangerous nor aggressive. Instead, she is a goofy, happy and playful dog who loves nothing more than to be with humans, other dogs and have a good time.  She is really the life of the party.

At School

Luna loves going to school because it means both giving and getting lots of attention. Sometimes it takes a while for kids to realize that although she may seem a bit scary at first she is just a big bundle of love and enthusiasm. Luna seems to live by the motto, "Anything worth doing is worth doing with gusto!"


Free Time

Luna loves to go to the park to meet and play with other dogs.  She also likes to scavenge for food scraps on the street, so we have to watch her carefully so she doesn't eat something that could make her sick. Luna also loves to settle down and cuddle with her family, including her cat sibling, Orange Julius one of her best friends. 

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