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Macy Stats:

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 7

Home State: Virginia

Guardian:  Alli

Most Recent School: X482

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Macy's Story

Macy was born in rural Virginia. We knew she was special right away. Of the 7 pups in her litter she was the only girl and the only yellow lab -- she had six black brothers. I think that all those brothers made her strong and playful and was good preparation to be the little sister of her black lab brother, TJ, who was waiting for her at our apartment in New York City. Unfortunately, Macy has had two knee surgeries - could be all the roughhousing or maybe she was more susceptible to injury. She can can be especially tired at the end of a long active day so we do try to be careful not to overdo it with her even if she doesn't want to slow down.

At School

Macy loves to go to school. She adores kids and all the treats that she gets. Macy likes when the instructor pulls out the brain and interactive games, she is always up for challenge especially when it involves finding food. 

Free Time

Macy loves her hedgehog! She always knows where it.  She carries it around with her everywhere, chews on it as if it was a pacifier and then rests her head on it when she is sleeping. Her other interests are begging for food - dog and human, snuggling, hiking, and swimming. But, what she likes best in the world is to be surrounded by people who love her and snuggling with her little brother Moose, another black lab.

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