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Mickey Stats:

Breed: Labrador Mix

Age: 4

Original Home: Puerto Rico

Guardian:  Shira

Most Recent School: MS 331, Bronx

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Mickey's Story

Mickey was born in Puerto Rico. The rescue organization believes he spent much of his early months in the water being forced by a drug cartel to transport messages and drugs between boats. Not surprisingly, when he was rescued he was very unhealthy. Mickey ultimately made his way to New York City where he was adopted. But that was not the end of Mickey's troubles. It turned out that the family did not have enough time for him - they fed him a lot but he didn't get exercise.  He ended up so overweight that his leg gave out and they returned him to the shelter maybe because they couldn't afford his care or maybe because they realized that they could not provide him the life he needed, or both.


That is when Mickey's luck and mine began to change. I adopted Mickey, and he is now in his "furever" home. He is still unsure of water, but he amazes and inspires me. He is the happiest, most forgiving dog ever. Despite his rough start he is still "all in" when it comes to living.

At School

Going to school is Mickey's favorite part of the week. When we pull up to school, he stands up in the back seat of the car and starts wagging his tail like crazy. Mickey loves getting belly scratches and giving sloppy kisses.

Free Time

Mickey loves going for long walks and hikes and sniffing everything he can find. When inside he loves playing with food-puzzle toys and learning new tricks. When he’s finished with all of that, he loves curling up and snuggling on a human lap.

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