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Millie Stats:

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Age: 6

Home State: Connecticut

Guardian:  Diane

Most Recent School: Bronx Latin

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Millie's Story
Our story is one of perseverance (not giving up). My young daughter had wanted a dog ever since she was just 3 years old. But it turned out she was very allergic to both dogs and cats. The doctor told us that she would never be able to have any kind of pet - dog or cat. We were so disappointed.


But after doing much research, I found that many people are not allergic to Labradoodles - a mix of Poodle and Labrador Retriever. They have hair instead of fur and don't shed. It's often the microscopic skin cells dogs shed called dander that people are allergic to.  

We found a breeder we trusted and who was patient and we began our trials. It took us several litters of puppies before we found Millie. No allergic reaction! To this day I can't tell you why Millie but we are just so happy we didn't give up and have been able to to have her in our lives.

At School

Millie can be cautious at first, which is not a bad thing. She'll look to me for a sign of whether whatever she is deciding about seems like a good idea or not. But once she takes the plunge and gets to check out a new setting and meet everyone she is so happy. I've learned to be patient and let her take her time. It's worth it because  Millie considers anyone she has met to be a friend.

Free Time

Millie likes to be with her family and have them all together where she can keep an eye on them.  She does not like it if we're out doing errands and we split up the pack!


Here I am with my co-workers Chester and Mickey outside MS 133 in the Bronx

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