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Nashville Stats:

Breed: Labrador Retriever/Hound Mix

Age: 7

Home State: Tennessee

Guardian:  Andrea

Most Recent School:  MS 50 Brooklyn

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Nash's Story
Nashville, (Nash for short), is originally from Tennessee. He was brought to New York City by Bide-a-Wee, a shelter in Manhattan. Other families had thought about adopting Nash, but he was so shy he didn't show any interest in them. (Making eye contact and wagging your tail is a good way to get adopted.) So Nash waited.

When we saw Nash we knew right away that he was the dog for us. He must have known too because after a few minutes he started to warm up and trust us. We had wanted a dog that was not too big - no more than 40 lbs. -but by the time Nash stopped growing he was 65 lbs. We haven't minded a bit.

Nash was very nervous when we first brought him home. The city was noisy and scary. He would stand on the street and shake. New York City was so different from Tennessee. After a while, and with lots of patience, Nash got used to the city. He can still be a little shy sometimes when meeting new people or being in a new place but he takes a chance because he really loves people so much and wants to get to know each and everyone of them.

At School

Making friends is one of Nash's favorite things about going to school. It's often the shy kids that help him get used to a new school or group. I think he recognizes and appreciates that. He loves to do tricks, learn new things and eat lots of treats. He also loves the agility jump and tunnel.

Free Time

Nash likes to meet his dog friends in the run at our local park, go for car rides, chew on sticks and look for food scraps on the street. He also likes spending time with his new human baby brother.

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