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Peanut Stats:

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 5

Home State: New Jersey

Guardian:  Andrea

Most Recent School:  Bank Street Liberty LEADS

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Peanut's Story
Peanut is a French Bulldog. I have always loved the breed so I was set on a "Frenchie." I knew it would take research to make sure that I got a dog that was "well-bred" meaning the breeder was responsible in making sure that the parents were healthy and there were no diseases in the previous generations. Breeders also need to take care that closely-related litters are not bred to each other because this increases the risk for genetic health issues.  A responsible breeder also makes sure that any one mother dog is not bred too many times because having pups is tough work and can really take a toll on the dog's body. Being a breeder is a serious business.

While being a responsible breeder is serious business, being Peanut is not... Peanut and his sister Hazel are two of the silliest pups there are!

At School

Peanut likes to perform tricks for the kids and then snuggle into a napping position hoping for hugs. I use cucumbers for his treats because they are low calorie and healthy. He doesn't mind, he likes the crunch! We usually take the subway to school so he rides in a bag with me and often nabs some extra attention and love on the way to and from school. 

Free Time

Peanut loves a long walk around the city and he also visits people in hospitals and other places as a therapy dog. He adapts well to his surroundings and goes with the flow. He likes to play with his little sister Hazel who we added to our family when Peanut was three.  He was not sure he liked to share the attention at first, but after a little while he got used to her and now they are BFFs.

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