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Samantha "Sam" Stats:

Breed: Blue Heeler Mix

Age: 10

Home State: Georgia

Guardian:  Brenda

Most Recent School: IS 191

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Sam's Story
My dog Alice passed away at 14 after living a very long and full life. She was a therapy dog and we volunteered in hospitals for many years.  We loved giving back. I missed Alice and knew I wanted to get another dog but how it happened is a story.  I got a call from a woman I knew who was driving a rescue van from Georgia up to New York with dogs that desperately needed to find homes.  One of the dogs was just about a year old and looked just like Alice who I had lost just weeks before. My friends said that I must see her. So I drove all the way to the far end of Long Island to arrive at the shelter as soon as it opened. And there she was; she looked exactly like Alice. To this day people look at photos and get confused. Even though they look similar, of course they are different dogs but what were the chances?

I think Sam is a great-looking dog and very photogenic. It's funny though how often people ask me if she is a wolf. But once I assure them that she is not, and pet her they have a whole different point of view.

At School

Sam likes the kids, the ear scratches, the treats but what she likes best is when the kids call out "Sam" to greet her. That makes her feel so loved and happy.

Free Time

Sam likes to go for long walks with me and especially likes to go on new routes around the city to smell new smells. When just relaxing at home she likes to snuggle with her favorite blanket. Sometimes she will offer it as  a gift to people, especially when we visit someone. 

Photo: Daniel Krieger

Photo: Eric Ferrar

Photo: The Dogist

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