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Sammy Stats:

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 5

Home State: New York

Guardian:  Julie

Most Recent School:  MS 244 Bronx

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Sammy's Story
Sammy comes from a breeder who lives on a farm in the Adirondacks, a huge mountain area about four hours north of New York City that extends all the way to the Canadian border. Sammy’s mother and father were named Hero and Vera: one was a yellow Lab and the other a black Lab. Sammy had three yellow Lab sisters and two black Lab brothers. My sister and I went to pick up Sammy when he was 8 weeks old.

In the city, Sammy was excited about everything: cars, kids with backpacks, flowers, traffic cones! He wanted to leap at everything and everybody as if to say "Hi there! You are the most fantastic thing I've ever seen."

At School

It's as if Sammy becomes a puppy again when he goes to school. He is so excited to meet and play with everyone and show off his tricks. But he also knows how to calm down when he needs to; he welcomes the quiet time when the kids sit in a circle around him and simply pet him.

Free Time

Sammy's favorite thing in the whole world is swimming. Labs originally helped retrieve game (water birds) from the icy waters of Canada. So, it is no wonder that he can't resist. It can be a backyard kiddie pool, the bathtub or a muddy puddle after the all works for Sammy. He also loves his ball that is covered with grime and slime and he sleeps with it every night. I bet the smells remind him of fun he has had.

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