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Satchmo Stats:

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 10

Home State: New York

Guardian:  Carole

Most Recent Assignment:  Hour Children

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Satchmo's Story
Satchmo is a Pomeranian who I rescued from a New York City shelter when he was six months old. I have always loved dogs and they have always been a part of my life. I always had large dogs until I adopted Satchmo. I went to the shelter looking for a dog that had a sweet personality but most importantly, I was looking for a dog that needed me. Satchmo lived in a household with small kids who were too young to know how to be gentle with such a small puppy, and by accident Satchmo ended up with a broken leg. He's only 8 pounds now - imagine how small he was when he was only 2.5 lbs when he was six months old! So, the family brought him to the shelter to find a more appropriate home.

At School

Satchmo loves to go to school because he gets lots of attention, belly rubs and he likes being challenged with learning new tricks. 

Free Time

Satchmo also volunteers at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital where he cheers up patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Satchmo just seems to know to be calm in the hospital and active with kids in school. Dogs can be so intuitive (instinctive). 

When he is not volunteering, Satchmo likes to go for long walks.  He keeps up even though he has tiny little legs! He also sometimes thinks he is a cat and will find a sunny spot on the floor to nap.

Photo: Daniel Krieger

Photo: Daniel Krieger

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