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Tasha Stats:

Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: 4

Home State: Arizona

Guardian:  Susan

Most Recent School:  WHEDco Summer Camp, Bronx

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Tasha's Story

When Tasha was four months old, she was found wandering the streets in Phoenix, AZ. The man who found her wanted to sell her on Craigslist, but that is generally not a place to find a safe and caring home for a dog. The local shelter and a rescue organization convinced the man to give her to a rescue organization. A rescue would look for her owners and take good care of her and make her feel safe until she was ready to be adopted.  At seven months old she was ready and my husband and I were the lucky ones to bring her home. Her name had been "Jiffy" but we decided to changed it to Tasha.  

At School

Tasha likes the attention, the petting, the treats, and the activities we do together when we visit schools. She loves seeing the kids who she knows and sometimes when they pet her, she closes her eyes and looks so relaxed, I think she is going to fall asleep.  

Free Time

Tasha is relaxed at home but likes to go for walks and meet all kinds of people and dogs in the park. I always try to teach her new tricks and games. Now, we are learning to play hide and seek in the house!

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