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Tennessee Stats:

Breed: Greyhound

Age: 12

Home State: Florida

Guardian:  Abigail/Rocky

Most Recent School:  MS 324

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Tennessee's Story

Tennessee started his life as a racing dog. Bred for speed, he ran over 100 races at tracks across the Southeast before "retiring" at the age of five. Once Tennessee's racing career was over, his former guardian decided to put him up for adoption so that he could find a forever home. The guardian gave Tennessee to a group called Grateful Greyhounds, who that he would be a good fit for our family. And they were right!


Still Tennessee needed some time to get used to his new routine. At the track, Tennessee's life was very different. He spent most of his time in a kennel with lots of other dogs, so moving into an apartment in New York City was a big adjustment. He had to learn lots of things that might be normal to other dogs -- climbing stairs, taking walks, basic commands and even playing with toys. But he was a fast learner and he even became a therapy dog.

At School

Tennessee's two favorite things in life are new people and snacks, so he loves visiting with kids.  Sometimes he can seem intimidating because he's so big but he's really just a big old couch potato.

Free Time

Tennessee loves to run, but only for about 30 seconds at a time. Greyhounds are sprinters, which means they run short distances only. (If you ever try to take a greyhound for a jog, you'll see what I mean!) He also likes playing with his toys, getting treats and meeting other dogs.  And, of course, hanging on the sofa.

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