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Helping New York City Kids Build Empathy and Self-Esteem

A Fair Shake returned to school in April 2022 and we are glad to be back. The negative impact of COVID on both the academic and social emotional life of children can not be overstated. The kids need the dogs more than ever.

Watch WNBC's coverage of our summer camp program at WHEDco in the Bronx.  

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Photo: The Dogist

A Fair Shake for Youth helps New York City middle school students build social and emotional skills through a structured hands-on program with therapy dogs

Following a 10-week 
curriculum, students learn dog-handling skills and discuss dog-related topics that often resonate with their own life experience – animal shelters, second chances and breed discrimination. They practice positive reinforcement, see the power of verbal and non-verbal communication and build relationships based on trust and respect.

The dogs, honest, non-judgmental and highly social, make it safes for the students to open up to learn about themselves and each other, to build the skills and behaviors critical to academic learning and to navigating life’s challenges and opportunities, and to find their best selves.


" A Fair Shake addresses that elusive art of educating 'the whole child' that for some children is the essential missing part."

-  Ms. Padilla, Teacher, IS 52

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