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Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you don't have a dog or one that would be appropriate for therapy work, A Fair Shake still needs your help.  We are always looking for help with: 


  • Dog-related community events:  FIDO Coffee Barks in Prospect Park (Brooklyn), events in Central and Riverside Parks, Best Friends Society Strut Your Mutt, etc.

  • Therapy dog open houses and information sessions

  • Role playing at therapy dog evaluations

  • Fundraising events

  • Following us and sharing on social media

Please share more about yourself and your interests, and we will reach out. If you have special skills or experience that you think could help us, please let us know.

Dogist Nasville sitting.jpg

Photo: The Dogist

"Dogs can teach us how to be positive in the worst of situations." 

-  Vincent, MS 293

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