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Boon Stats:

Breed: Boxer Mix

Age: 4

Home State: Tennessee

Guardian:  Ann

Most Recent School: South Bronx Early College Academy

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Boon's Story

Boon was just eight weeks old when Pupstarz, a rescue organization, drove him up from Tennessee. I wanted to help puppies find new homes, so I signed up to foster a puppy. I knew that there was a chance I might decide to keep a dog I fostered, so I asked for a dog that wouldn't be too big. However, I didn't anticipate that it would only take about one minute for me to decide to adopt Boon. 

I thought Boon would make a good therapy dog because he really seems to tune into how people are feeling. He can tell when he needs to remain calm. But he also knows how to excitedly greet me when I return home as if he hasn't seen me for days. That always feels great, especially if I have had a difficult day.

At School

Boon likes to go to school because he likes to see all the familiar faces. Every face is a friend. Boon likes to learn new tricks and play with food puzzles even if they are difficult, because the students are always encouraging and treats are usually offered along with the encouragement. Because Boon is low-key, sometimes he will go outside the circle of kids to have a little quiet time to regroup. He always comes back when he is ready for more action. 


Free Time

Boon's favorite pastime is napping. He also likes to hang with his big brother, Aesop, the cat. When no one is looking he also likes to sneak some of Aesop's food.

Boon with his friend Harry

Photo: Milla Chappell

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