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Lucy Stats:

Breed: Poodle/Samoyed/Maltese

Age: 6

Home State: Texas

Guardian:  Chris

Most Recent School:  MS 50 Brooklyn

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Lucy's Story
Lucy is a rescue from Texas. My Shepherd mix had passed, and about a year later I felt ready to get another dog.  I was looking for an apartment at the time, so I thought getting a smaller dog would make my hunt easier since some buildings don't allow large dogs.


Lucy was rescued from a park in Houston where people sometimes abandon dogs. The group Shaggy Dog Rescue estimated that she was about 8 months old. She had fleas, mange (a skin condition), and tested heartworm positive (a fatal disease if not treated). It took a while to get her healthy and safe for transport. She arrived during a snowstorm in February 2015 . She loved the snow immediately and still does! She adjusted to life in NYC quickly. 

At School

Lucy loves greeting all the students at school and getting lots of petting time. She particularly likes to show off her puzzle and agility skills.

Free Time

Lucy spends most of her days sleeping like a balled up caterpillar with her tail over her nose. She will wander over to her bed on the window ledge to watch people and squirrels in the park below. When I work from home, she reminds me to take play breaks by whimpering and wagging her tail at my feet.


This is what I looked like when I was first adopted!

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