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Oliver Stats:

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 7

Home State: New Jersey

Guardian:  Elena

Most Recent School:  Bronx Latin

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Oliver's Story

We met Oliver and his mother and 11 brothers and sisters when he was five weeks old. He was born in New Jersey. His breeder made sure both his mother and father were healthy before she decided to breed them. Because Oliver’s mother was a black Lab and his father was a chocolate Lab, the litter had some puppies that were yellow, some black and some chocolate. It was quite the sight! Labrador Retrievers are known for their happy-go-lucky and outgoing personality. And that is exactly what Oliver's is like - ask anyone who knows him. 

At School

When Oliver sees the van that picks him up to go to school, he drags me to the car door because he knows he is going to visit kids and get lots of treats and attention. He is so excited to be at school that when we get home, he needs a long nap.


Free Time

Oliver also volunteers at Memorial Sloan Kettering visiting patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. He somehow senses that he needs to be calmer in the hospital than in school.


Oliver lives with his little brother Ozzie who we adopted from a rescue organization. He is much smaller than Oliver but likes to pretend he is the boss. Oliver is so easy going that he just goes along with the plan.  Oliver also howls at sirens (listen below). One theory is that he thinks it is a missing member of his pack and he is trying to communicate with them.

Photo:  The Dogist

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