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Otto Stats:

Breed: Mini Schnauzer

Age: 6

Home State: New Jersey

Guardian:  Amanda

Most Recent School:  Domestic Violence Shelter

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Otto's Story
I grew up with dogs and as an adult I knew that I wanted a dog to be part of my family. My husband wasn't so sure though, and so for years we talked about getting a dog but it never happened. This went on for seven years, until my husband met a Mini Schnauzer! He announced that he had found his dog! I love all kinds of dogs so if this made him happy and we could have a dog then I was in. We have both been so happy with our Otto! And he doesn't shed which is a nice bonus.

At School

Otto is so excited to see kids when they walk in the room he sometimes forgets his manners and will let out a bark. He is quickly forgiven by the kids who then shower him with love and attention. I think kids find him the perfect size, small enough to sit in your lap but big enough to run and jump and keep up with the bigger dogs. 


Free Time

Otto likes to hunt squirrels whenever he can. It makes him so happy so it makes me happy, but I am especially relieved that he is not good at it!  Otto tends to like people more than other dogs except for the two other Mini Schnauzer's in our neighborhood (see below). 

Can you tell which one is Otto?

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