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Ramses Stats:

Breed: Shihtzu /Poodle

Age: 3

Home State: unknown

Guardian:  Carine

Most Recent School: South Bronx Early College Academy

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Ramses' Story
Ramses is a Shihpoo (Shihtzu/Poodle mix). Shihtzu mean “little lion” in Mandarin, for they are known to be very loyal, charming and intelligent – which he is! And because of the Poodle in him he is also very athletic. I got Ramses when he was just a pup.  My veterinarian helped me select him. I named him Ramses after the pharaoh Ramses in Egypt. He weighs 12 pounds.  He lives with two cats, Isis and Imhotep, which are also Egyptian names.

At School

Ramses loves school. He likes the action but if he had to choose, I think he would tell you he likes the cuddles and meeting new people best.

Free Time

Ramses loves playing with his cat brother Imhotep and they even snuggle together. Ramses likes to go for long hikes in the woods, swim in lakes, play in the snow, and use the jungle gym in the park. He can use the slide, and now I am even teaching him to skateboard. His two best dog friends, Molly and Jake, live next door. They are Sulukis which are very fast runners.

My Suluki friends

Me and my Suluki friends

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