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Bernie Stats:

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 3

Home State: Georgia 

Guardian:  Limor, Andy

Most Recent School:  Libert LEADS Bank Street

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Bernie's Story
Bernie is a 3-year old Labradoodle from Georgia. We had been thinking about getting a new dog but Andy, my husband, was uncertain. We had dogs before so we knew it would be a lot of work but also a lot of love. We were visiting family outside of Atlanta and there was a breeder nearby. So, I suggested that Andy and my daughter simply stop by and visit. Well, they had two puppies that needed homes and once my daughter held Bernie in her arms it was too hard not to take him home. We have not regretted our decision for a moment.

At School
Bernie loves school because he loves kids almost more than any other kind of living being - human or dog. Bernie likes to be busy and learn new things. He seems so proud of himself when he figures out a challenge or learns a new trick. He loves to see how happy it makes the kids. He aims to please!


Free Time

Bernie loves to play fetch in the park. He will play with his ball or grab another dog's ball and then the game becomes chase. Bernie doesn't like to swim but likes anything that looks like a puddle and the dirtier the better.

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